7 Reasons why a man should wear a watch

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1.Watches Are Convenient



Phones don’t keep you punctual. Watches do.

A watch is the most convenient way to tell the time.

Pshh!.. then you get these people that start saying I don’t need a watch I have a phone. 

And that is such a common response from a society now questioning  the adverse of constantly using a cell phone, they constantly keep checking their phones to tell the time, but personally, I just think they look desperate 

Lets take a glance towards your wrist is a much classier way to keep tabs on time during a date or a meeting. Not to mention how rude it would seem to your companions if you pulled out your phone during a conversation.

On other occasions where it’s advisable to leave the phone concealed – like the beach, a funeral, a wedding, a watch is a much more subtle and convenient way to check time.

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2. Watches Are Functional

watches were first used in the 19th century by the military to synchronize maneuvers during the war.  Since then, specialized watches have been used in the depths of the ocean by divers and high up in the sky by aviators. 

One of the biggest advantages of a watch, over a cellphone, is how long it can last and operate. Many watches are made to either be self-powered through motion or use a small amount of energy from a battery.  Think years of maintenance free time telling…compare that to a smartphone for a moment yes 8 hours!

complicated watch is designed with features beyond the basic function of displaying the time and date.

3. Watches Provide Simplicity

The best watches are usually the older watches without all that fancy technology.  They are powered by ingenious mechanical clockwork technology that predates electricity. So when your cell phone runs out of battery – you can trust the technology that keeps running on your wrist.

When you wear a watch- the chances are that you wont fall back on your phone as a distraction. and when you do turn to your phone to check the time,  you end up checking messages and other social activities, see why I now say a cellphone can lead to distraction

4. Watches Signal Style

One of my favourite watches that I currently wear is bought from ichoose.shop  has attracted more attention than any other item in my closet.

The range of acceptable jewellery for a man is limited. Many men are only going to be seen with three main accessories decorating their hands – a nice watch, a stylish pair of cufflinks, and a simple wedding band if they are married

watches make it easier for them to display their sense of style. They are a form of self-expression – reflecting hint of danger. 

Watches can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality. For those that prefer a bit of high-status bling on their wrist, a Rolex can be an understated, timeless and incredibly masculine accessory.

As my father always told me – boys look at their smartphones to check time – us men look at our watch.

7 reasons why a man should wear a watch
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5. Watches Embody Craftsmanship

A watch is more than a time-keeper. It is a symbol of tradition and history encased in a showpiece with extreme craftsmanship

and even some watch houses have four craftsmen working on one watch for a couple of months, constatly designing by hand working with the smallest pieces you can think of !!

An analog watch has a simple and consistent mechanism

 There is a lot of generic and non-inspiring watch styles out there, but the best stuff is beautiful and how often do you call a tool beautiful? never right?

The dial can literally be a painting, or the design of the instrument itself is pure art. For many people

6. Watches Make Great Heirlooms

Not only is it a timepiece the  No matter what your philosophy is on the end of the road, we can all agree that people can live on through the memories of those that knew them.

Owning timepieces from a different era is a remembrance of people who lived before you, maybe wearing their watches makes you think of them

And it is pure legacy to have a watch collection ,And it doesn’t necessarily mean that the collection has to be so expensive, but leaving your watches to someone you care about is in essence passing on values that were important to you, to someone else making that person feel special.


7. Watches Help You Create A Relationship With Time

Men have been obsessed with devices that measure time. A reminder that our time is limited.

As a man would say (Wearing a watch has a positive effect on my attitude towards time. I am more attentive to how I spend my 24 hours.)

Men  are fascinated by these devices that claim to mark and control time.

The only other obsession matched with the passion for this inanimate object is the passion men share for cars and bikes. A watch collection is far easier to maintain and less expensive.

Any man can wear a watch and make it work well with them and suite them . so go find a watch that you like and that YOU think will stand out!!

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